The Perfect App Ltd uses your name and email address for delivering our services to you. You can see the information we store about you in Account -> My Account. Contact your TPA system administrator within your company if you need to adjust your information.

Your name is used to identify you when editing your access rights to TPA and to projects created on TPA. Your name and email are used when sending emails to you, such as:

  • New issue reports (automatically sent when an event occurs)
  • App version expiry information (automatically sent when an event occurs)
  • Notifications from other TPA users (manually sent by other TPA users)
  • Information about new features and maintenance from the team behind TPA (sent by The Perfect App Ltd)
You can adjust your email settings for automatically sent emails in Account -> My Account -> E-mail notifications.

If you do not want to receive notifications from other TPA users, you need to ask your project administrator to be removed from any tracks in the TPA project settings.

All mails sent from The Perfect App Ltd will include links to unsubscribe or adjust your email settings. All mails are sent using SendGrid which are mainly based in USA. SendGrid is Privacy Shield Certified and fully GDPR compliant.

For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy